I am a Creative Genius – Affirmations

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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I am a creative genius – Affirmations.

I am a creative genius. I create solutions that are fun! I love to create from pure, childlike inspiration. I enjoy the creative process. I am ready to claim my genius within as part of my genius journey.I apply myself through positive motivation. I can feel my heart sing when I am in the “zone.” I become a little child, alive with imagination! I have a very creative mind and it loves to play!My mind loves creative challenges.I love to rhyme. For example: I like to rhyme all the time.I use alliteration to help me remember subjects. For instance: I am pleased as punch to positively progress on my path. This helps me snicker at myself.I find fun ways to do household tasks.

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I love to color code my closet like a rainbow. I use colored pens, markers, and bright files to lighten up my paperwork.I put on music and dance as I cook. I sing as I vacuum the house. I make a game out of dusting and cleaning. I whistle while I work. I am burning calories and having fun at the same time. I love accomplishing tasks in a creative manner. Being a creative genius, I can find unlimited ways to make my life fun. I am so amazed at how creative I am! I tap into my imagination and realize I am truly blessed.

I have a unique opportunity today to discover my genius within.

I know that I can embark on a genius journey.

I know that my flame of genius is within reach.

Today, I feel enormous gratitude for my infinite imagination. My imagination makes my life joyful and fulfilling.Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What gets my creative juices flowing?

2. How can I more fully tap into the infinite supply of imagination?

3. In what areas of my life can I become more creative?

4. Am I ready to claim my genius within?

5. Am I ready to embark on my genius journey?

Ron D. Carlson

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