How to Write Intentions that Actually Work

Here is the secret to "Passionate Manifesting" 

Probably, most of you have worked with intentions and affirmations to assist you in manifesting. Most people have. Unfortunately, most people have also been disappointed in their results. Perhaps you have too.

Did you know there is a formula for writing intentions to super-charge them?

It's what I call the "Power of Passionate Manifesting" or the 5-P's.  Using all five of these when you write your intentions makes them twice as likely to work in manifesting for you.

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Now, let's look at the 5-P's for writing intentions.

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In my years of experience working to support people in manifesting, I unlocked a formula for writing intentions that super-charges them.  Here is the "Power of Passionate Manifesting" formula to use:

P1) Personal – Write your intention using the word “I” to make it specific to you.

P2) Present Tense – Write your intention as though it’s already happening in the now such as “I am intuitive” not “I want to be intuitive”. Our semi-conscious discounts what we write in the future while it focuses on the present, on the now.

P3) Particular – Write your intention so you you’ll know when it is happening.  It can’t be totally vague. How would you measure when you meet your intention?

P4) Purposeful – Find a way in writing your intention that it is tied to an expression of purpose such as I am recognizing my intuition daily in ways that help me serve my purpose. This helps give it power.

P5) Passionate – Now look over what you have so far and see if you light up imagining it being true. Your intention needs to be something you feel passionate about as part of your big picture purpose. This adds rocket fuel to the potency of your intention.

Here's a formula you can start with.  

I am ___________________________________________   ____________________

                                               (what)                                               (how often)


                         ( in ways that or can)                 


                              so that I can)

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