How To Think Like A Lightworker Leader


How to Think Like A Lightworker Leader 

Lightworker Leaders aren’t just working harder than everyone else. You can’t just grunt your way into being a Leader. You can’t just “put your head down and work harder”. High levels of success do require hard work, but the work must be smart, too. Leaders are focused, prioritize longer-term over the short-term and consistently take action.

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These characteristics may help to appreciate how Leaders are:

~1 Lightworker Leaders understand that being unique and authentic is better than being the best. One famous quote goes, “Competition is for losers.” While harsh, it points out that many people that want to aspire to great accomplishments are concerned with being the best. The Leaders look for ways to avoid competition. They know that competition can be a huge ego feast that is very costly to their authentic expression. They seek to be located in their unique “flame of genius” and to authentically express that in what they do and how they are.

~2 Leaders embrace the day from the beginning. They get a good start on the day (whatever time that is for them). While others are trying to figure out what to do, the leaders are already busy. They have enthusiasm from the beginning of their day and make the most of the whole day.

~3 Lightworker Leaders create habits of action over finding new knowledge. While Lightworker Leaders are knowledgeable, they know a secret. A good plan that is followed vigorously and persistently always beats a great plan that’s implemented half-heartedly.

  • Know what you need to know and then get busy making it happen. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge is often fear in disguise.

~4 Leaders know that goals are achieved by systems or processes. A system of eating nutritiously and exercising can result in health and fitness. A system of saving and investing can lead to wealth. Leaders look for effective systems and processes to implement that make their work less hard, take less time and simplify their tech.

~5 Lightworker Leaders have fewer and clearer priorities.Having too many priorities results in having none. You can’t be a world-class artist, dog trainer, yoga expert, and bowler all at once. Be strong enough to whittle down your priorities to the few that truly matter the most to you now. Having too many priorities is a path to mediocrity and disappointment.

~6 Leaders make connecting with others a priority. Good connecting skills can be learned by anyone. Connecting with others without attachment or pre-expectation as to whether they will become clients is a key characteristic learned by Lightworker Leaders. Leaders have a constant supply of inspiration, assistance and opportunities in engaging with people. 

~7 Lightworker Leaders make peace with money. They learn healthy ways of thinking and feeling about money.  Leaders step into an ongoing dance in a flow of abundance rather than a scarcity to overcome. 

~8 Leaders are aware of their weaknesses. They know what they do well and they know where to seek support and assistance. Leaders usually find mentors or coaches to help them to see weaknesses they didn’t know they had and to improve them. They invite learning from their mistakes.

~9 Lightworker Leaders focus on the long term. They emphasize finding solutions to their challenges. The key to  achieving challenging goals is working on the challenges rather than avoiding them. Here too, Leaders often engage the support of a coach or mentor to help hold them accountable.

~10 Leaders know that their own self-care is paramount.  As Lightworkers are usually givers, their batteries can be drained unless the Lightworker is taking specific steps to recharge. A drained Lightworker has less and less left for their business let alone for their own life, family and friends. Leaders know that investing in themselves is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Becoming a Lightworker Leader requires a change in thinking and focus and then consistently taking inspired and persistent action. Lightworker Leaders aren’t smarter or more capable, but they do use their time wisely and manage themselves effectively.