How to Spark Your Divine, Secret Weapon: Join this Playshop!

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We're going to show you HOW to unlock your divine, secret weapon through 4 live exercises in this one-hour playshop. (This will be way too much fun to call it a workshop!)

When I work with my clients on this, they bring out their superpower and it magically transforms their business.

As a lightworker myself, I know you want to build a lightworker business that you love AND it loves you back.

Join us in this important playshop where we show you how to  ignite the vital, first ingredient in building that business that you love:

Sparking Your Magical Superpowers

In the one-hour Sparking Your Magical Superpowers Playshop live presentation, you’ll learn:

  • 4 exclusive Exercises to Ignite Your #1 Ingredient
  • Identify Your Divine, Secret Ingredient
  • How to Spark Your Magical Superpowers into Life
  • How to use the 21 Ways to Ignite Your Passion book

Friday, March 18: 1 pm pdt / 2 pm mdt / 3 pm cdt / 4 pm edt

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