How Happy Are You? Take the Quiz

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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Happiness, in one form or another, is the focus of every living creature. We all want to be happy!

Take this quick quiz to find out your Happiness IQ.

Check any that apply to you:

  • I look for the best in everyone.
  • I can find a “silver lining” in most bad situations.
  • I give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • I generally see the glass as half full.
  • I can name three things I am grateful for most days.
  • I practice some form of spirituality or religion.
  • I believe that past hurts should remain in the past.
  • I try to forgive and forget but learn from my experiences.
  • I do my best not to overthink things.
  • I take care of my physical needs regularly.
  • I have plenty of social support.
  • I reach out to others to connect (not only when I need something).
  • I am kind to people most of the time.
  • I know how to calm and soothe myself when needed.
  • I engage in things that I enjoy regularly.
  • If I offend or hurt someone, I make amends as soon as possible.

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