How About a Real Remedy for “Disappearing” Prospects and Clients

How About a Real Remedy for Disappearing Prospects and Clients 

It Starts with What Your Tribe Deeply Wants 

Did you see the news today? 1 in 4 workers quit their jobs this year. They are fed up and looking for something better. That's 25% that quit. According to Cook, "people have reevaluated their work and personal values during the pandemic".  (CNBC, John Cook from Visier).

These are mostly NOT people otherwise ready to retire. These are workers who've been on the job 5-15 years, are 40-45 years old and mostly women.

This is a HUGE relocation in the working aspect of the economy.  These people are not happy in the work they have been doing. Unhappy enough to just quit. 

Here is the question: Are some of these people your tribe? Are they ready for support in making a change?

And here is the even bigger question: Can you as a Lightworker Leader help them onto their Genius Journey?

We at Lights On Business see this as an opportunity to genuinely serve more people.  Here is how.

"At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back."

If you are seeing clients and prospects "disappear", they may well be unhappy with what they are finding, just like the people quitting the workforce. They are re-evalutating their options.

They are hearing so-called experts and gurus talk louder and louder about how lightworkers need to change what they do. Have you noticed how the guru's are rushing around like crazy releasing new programs?  (Pay no attention to their last new program I suppose, but the new, new one that's different)

Here at Lights On Business, we're doing what we've been doing from the beginning, namely, offering entrepreneurs connected service and support to build a business that they love. We have people enrolling. Our new course, Flame of Genius, is actually almost 8 years old now.  It was born on a beach workshop in California! We are simply making it available in our new, program portal for ease of access.

If you're feeling that prospects are disappearing or clients are ghosting you. What you need to do is start shifting from the RIGHT place.  That place is NOT in rushing to change what you do.

You need to start from what your tribe deeply and profoundly want from YOU as a Lightworker Leader.

Don't get me wrong, many of the gurus and experts have quality programs that they are offering. The trouble is, that is NOT what your tribe most deeply want and need first.

They want YOU. They want to connect with your unqiue Flame of Genius, your inspired fire, your spirited approach into serving your tribe.  They want authentic, real, warts-and-all YOU.

Watch our Flame of Genius webinar for more on getting started.