Hidilyn Diaz – When You Need a Persistence Booster

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Hidilyn Diaz - When You Need a Persistence Booster

Until recently, I had never heard of Hidilyn Diaz. For 12 years, she didn't give up. And she just became a national hero.

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Hidilyn Diaz is an elite athlete from the Philippines. She is a weightlifter who has been competing in the Olympics for 13 years. This year's Olympics was her fourth.

In the 2008 Olympics, she finished 2nd to last. Did she give up? No.

In the 2012 Olympics, she did not finish her event. Did she give up? No she did not.

In the 2016 Olympics, she won a silver medal, the first woman from the Philippines ever to earn a medal.

She intended to compete in the 2020 Olympics last year but that was postponed due to the virus. Did she give up? No, not at all.

Then she was stranded in another country due to travel restrictions.  The gyms and training facilities closed. She had to improvise her own training in a friends carport using whatever she could find as training aids. She couldn't see her family for a year and a half. Did she give up? Absolutely not.

When the 2020 Olympics weightlifting moved into the finals in 2021, Hidilyn Diaz was in second place to the defending champion.  In order to win gold, she would have to lift more than she ever had lifted in her life. She would also have to break an Olympic record.  Did she give up? No she did not.

In fact, she broke that record and won the gold medal. She is the only person from the Philippines to ever win a gold medal.

The next time your persistence battery is running low, perhaps think about Hidilyn Diaz.