Having Trouble with Clients? Changing Your Delivery Won’t Fix it


When a Lightworker or Energy Healer is having trouble “with clients”, we often do the WRONG thing to try to fix it.

Here is what Doesn’t work and What to do Instead

We’re all seeking to grow our businesses, right. That usually involves our clients.  Manifesting new ones and serving the ones we have.

Now, sometimes, we all have challenges or troubles to do with clients.

When we have “client troubles”, we are tempted to change our delivery system,  Get a new, bright, shiny object, a new delivery system

The the problem is that changing your delivery system won’t fix client troubles.

Changing your service or message delivery method doesn’t fix issues you have with clients, that is, finding or retaining them!  Client troubles” follow you regardless of your delivery method.

What I’m saying here is that hopping over to a new, bright, shiny object that’s getting a lot of buzz as the latest and greatest is unlikely to solve a issue you currently have with clients.

Yes, it’s feel like you are “doing something” to solve your client problem.  Then in short order, you’ll likely see that you’re looking for another bright, shiny guru fix. Why? Because you haven’t actually addressed the problem.

You’ve tinkered with the symptoms but you haven’t actually drilled down into the cause.

Changing to a new delivery model doesn’t necessarily fix that. Taking an objective look at your 5-Step Client Journey to see what you are avoiding is far more likely to help you move the dial forward.

I call this using the 5-Minute Client Finder Tool. I’m giving it to you free. Just 5 client steps nd just 5 minutes of your time to know where to put your attention before you buy a new delivery system.

The workshop is free and you’ll get the 5-Minute Client Finder Tool.

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Using the 5-Minute Client Finder Tool

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