Growing Your Business – It’s Not About the Beans

Growing Your Business - Its Not About the Beans

We can work so hard on our Lightworker Businesses that we dig deep down into the nuts and bolts of the details.

There is stuff that needs attention, always.

But, sometimes, we need to climb up out of the rabbit hole.

Take a breath.

And remind ourselves of what we are passionate about.

It's likely not the Click Through Rate (CTR) on the ad stats that you were studying this morning, was it?  Not the freebie link trouble shooting.  Not the Image cropping dimensions for Pinterest.  While important, those are likely not what drew you into being a Lightworker, were they?

Take a moment, often, to climb up out of the to-do list of practical necessities, turn off the demands of the world for a few minutes and reconnect to your purpose in being a Lightworker.

Let go of the demand to focus on the coffee beans for a minute and savor the whole experience of the coffee.

Here are 3 Questions to ask yourself: 

1) Ask yourself, what lights me up about this calling?

Pause and dig inside to your personal connection to your own story. Set aside the business "challenges", this ia a moment about you.

2) Ask yourself, what brought you here?

For Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks, it's actually NOT the coffee beans. For him, Starbucks offers an immersive experience, not just a cup of coffee.  You can buy good beans and brew at home. He set out to create a space that conveyed his passion. The beans are simply a practical ingredient. So, what brought you here?

3) Ask Yourself, what is the object of your enthusiasm?

We talk to people who aren't always clear what their passion is as they try to navigate growing their business.

It's easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of "coffee beans" and lose touch with why they you are creating a special ambiance coffee shop.

Ready to explore the object of your enthusiasm, your passion? Here's help with our compliments.  

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