Free Webinar: Why You Must Pivot from Your Flame of Genius

What all the guru’s are running around saying is that you need to change what you're doing in your business. This chatter is everywhere. It's cra-cra.

Yes, you may feel it's time to change something about your lightworker business. But, does the cra cra chatter make sense?

They are saying that none of the stuff out there works anymore. Therefore, we should buy their latest new thing. HUH?  They’re saying THEY have WHAT now works now and no one else's does.  If they're saying that nothing out there is working for business anymore, isn't that saying that their last offering isn't working either?  So, how does this mean we ought to switch to their latest?

Their arguments are full of myths about changing your business. We'll reveal these guru myths in our free webinar: Why You Must Pivot from your Flame of Genius for Successful Change. Register HERE. 

THEY ARE ALL STARTING FROM The WRONG PLACE – They are saying "Change what you do".


Pivoting your business doesn’t start on the outside.

As far as I can tell, NO ONE is actually helping lightworkers pivot from the right starting place.

If you are feeling you need to make changes in your lightworker business, join us for a webinar pinpointing how to refocus on the right starting place. Otherwise, you may be bouncing around from one shiny object to another yet again.

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