Finding Your Genius After Quitting Your Job

Finding Your Genius After Quitting Your Job 

If you’re thinking about handing in your resignation, or perhaps you already have, you may have more company than you expected. You likely know people who have.

Some experts believe that the majority of the workforce could be looking for a new job as the pandemic winds down. Already, 1/4 of workers in the USA have quit their jobs.  

Some are simply fed-up and deciding to walk away.

Some have had what's being called a "Great Epiphany" about their own worth. They are deciding that what they have to offer has value.

They are deciding that the way forward needs to be satisfying and rewarding to them.

What they don't know is how to turn on the inner light of their unique genius and fully release their genius talents.

Now, more than ever, they need. Lightworkers do too in navigating what feels like a seismic shift in energy, attitudes and approaches.  

Here is how to tell:

Ask, "Do you know what you want to do in this changing time?", many will say no.

Now if you ask, "Do you know how you want it to feel?", yes they do.

They want to get out of the box and be able to fall in love with living again.

That's the genius journey that they need.

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