Finding Clients – Spreading the Love, Maybe Too Much Nurturing?


Finding Lightworker Clients doesn’t have to be so hard.

We boil down the client journey to 5, natural and organic stepping stones that feel authentic.

Now, most Lightworkers could use more clients, right?  The right kind anyway.

One of those 5 steps is Nurturing.  This is where we build relationships with people, especially prospects.

We may offer freebies. We may offer comments on their posts. We may give useful information in a face-to-face encounter.

There is a potential trap in this step too.

As Lightworkers, we love to serve. We love to help people, right?  

Sometimes we are soooo very helpful with our free advice that our prospects get the idea that they don’t need any greater help from us than all the free stuff.  After all, isn’t helping what we do?

We so love this step because we are serving, BUT, we may be OVER nurturing. We may be preventing our prospect from moving forward by trapping them in the Nurturing Step.  

Don’t we actually want to see them move forward and increasingly learn how to do more on their own?

So, what do you do to avoid trapping prospects and preventing them from moving into becoming clients?

Ask yourself this test question?

Am I beckoning my prospects forward to take a step, even a small one, in my direction? Follow me, this way.


Am I trying to fix things so they don’t have to struggle?

Beckon and Follow or Fix?