Finding Clients – Open the Door

Finding Lightworker Clients doesn't have to be so hard.

We boil down the client journey to 5, natural and organic stepping stones that feel authentic.

Now, most Lightworkers could use more clients, right?  The right kind anyway.

You don't need millions of them, just some who are ideal peeps to work with, right?

One of the steps seems so obvious that we often forget it.  

Given we are energy aware and sensitive people, we protect ourselves. We set boundaries which makes sense as we don't want just any energy do we. Our default is "closed".

However, unless we make a deliberate point of it, we can by default also be closed to the approaching energy of new clients. YIKES. 

This step involves deciding to be aware of potential clients "knocking on our door".  When someone approaches, we check and then open the door.

The point here is that we energetically and deliberately post an "Open for Business" sign so that the right people come on up the walk and knock.

That can mark a turning point in engaging with them as an interested, potential client.

Try it!