“False Passion” Warning Signs About Your Business

We need to stop normalizing work environments that praise overwork, says leadership expert Selena Rezvani.*

These are Red-Flags about you in your business.  And sadly, our culture is normalizing these traits as signs of "good passion at work".

No, they are not.  

They are signs of burn-out ahead.

If these apply to you more than just occasionally, you need to rethink how you work so you get off of the burn-out train.

False Passion Warnings

  • Always making sure your status is “Available.”
  • Promising to stay plugged in while you’re on vacation
  • Can't remember when you even took a real vacation
  • Work or clients call on your day-off and you accommodate them.

We have been conditioned to view “overwork” as synonymous with “passionate” and “productive" about our work. It's not true.

We need to stop normalizing work environments that praise overwork. Often, we don’t even think twice about logging on after we’re home for the day “just to finish something real quick,” or picking up the phone while we’re on a family vacation to "help solve an issue".

And I can tell you, entrepreneurs are frequently the worst at enabling overwork themselves.

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