Exclusive Lightworker Market Research – What’s NOT Working Since 2020. You Can’t Just Zoom-It to Bloom-It.

Exclusive Lightworker Business Market Research – You’re Right, What Worked Just 2 Years Ago, ISN’T Working NOW!

How You Can Pivot and Flourish Despite the Seismic Changes Since 2020.

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out what actually works for Lightworkers in their businesses.  Lots of approaches don’t seem to, but why?

I spent about 40 hours digging and digging for data to back up hunches about the Lightworker marketplace. You’re not going to find all of this information brought together any place else, so this is exclusive. 

I can say, if you too are finding that what seemed to work a year or two ago, isn’t working now, you’re right.

If you’re thinking that the social media space has become much more crowded, you’re right.

If you’re thinking, there is more competition out there, you’re right on that too.

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HINT: the trend out there is for lightworkers like you to be doing more and more FREE work as well as lower their prices. Yikes.

Well, that’s not my answer. If that sounds horrible to you too, drop me a line.

Talk soon,

Ron and the Lights On Business Team