Does it Feel Like You Have to Wear a Mask For Your Clients?

Does it Feel Like You Have to Wear a Mask for Your Clients?

Some days, it can feel tough feeling whether you can show your authentic self to your clients, right? You always need to be "on" for clients so put on your "game face" is what we're taught.

But, what if that isn't actually deep down what your clients want to see all the time?

What if they first want to deeply feel that they can connect to an authentic person, you, imperfections and all?


Take a look in the mirror and imagine explaining your program to yourself as though you are the potential client.

  • If you look in the mirror, would you hire what you see? Is it a mask really, a brilliant disguise, or is it the real you?
  • Do you see someone who embodies what they say?  Do you feel they walk their talk?
  • Do you let people see your mistakes too?

This is what your people are looking for FIRST.  Not the latest, bright, shiny object some guru is selling this month.

In our upcoming Pivot from Your "Flame of Genius" Webinar, we'll explain how to get started discovering this unique, spirited you.