Do You Know the ONE Niche Type That Works Well for Lightworkers and Energy Healers? Time for Niche Ninja

There are FIVE niche types used by lightworkers and energy healers. The trouble is, only ONE of those works well for lightworkers.  Building your message around the WRONG niche strategy can mean you lose out on attracting yummy clients.

I'm not talking about doing sleazy marketing. We don't do that here. 

You do need a niche that is effective for you. You need to be a Niche Ninja!

Find out about all five niches and WHY one is ideal for attracting energy-aware clients. If you're using the WRONG one, it could be costing you clients!

I mis-niched for years. YIKES. You don't need to!

I made a free video for you to show you the niches  and the ONE you need to focus on.