Did You Miss This? The Key to Igniting Success in Your Lightworker Business

 Did You Miss This? The Secret to Igniting Success in Your Lightworker Business 

With so much competing for your attention as a conscious entrepreneur, how about some simple easement?

How about no checklist, no formula, no gimmicks? 

How about just you?

The success of you!

Your lightworker business thrives to the extent that YOU do. Put another way, your business success in the realms of an energy-work business is directly related to YOUR energy on the INSIDE.

Your energy.

Your authentic connection.

Your fire.

Your flame of genius.

If you are finding that your lightworker business is sputtering these days, it's time to check-in.

How in touch are you with your BIG WHY?

Why do you want to do what you do?

Why do you want to serve those you serve?

How long has it been since you set aside to spend time simply being with yourself?

Too long.  The business needed your time. Actually, your fire needs your time first.

Isn't it time to fall in love with living again and becoming the delicious why of your life?

Isn't it time to re-ignite your passion for being alive?

This only takes minutes a day and is part of something we provide for our program members, the 21 Days to Ignite Your Passion Course

Here is one exercise:  

Get an orange. Smell the aroma. Separate the slices. Close your eyes and inhale the fresh scent of the citrus. Give yourself permission to enjoy.

Now bite on a slice and let the messy, juicy contents run down your chin.

Be present to the gift of the orange to your body today.

During the time of the Berlin Wall in what was then East Germany, often, there were no oranges to be had. Imagine the deficit of pleasure they experienced. While you may not have savored an orange lately, YOU can choose to right in this moment.

You can be present in gratitude for the luscious, sensory experience you can have in this moment.

Let the juice linger on your tongue, eyes closed as you savor the flavor.

Simply delicious.

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