"Lightworker Momentum Program"

We'd love to help you align passion, purpose, and prosperity so you can shine a light on your lightworker practice!

why work with us?

Because You Don't Need Cookie-Cutter Business Coaching

Just like you, we're lightworkers with holistic businesses and healing practices, so we understand your frustrations and challenges.
That's why it's essential to have a three-part approach to business coaching...

Lightworker Business-Building Fundamentals

You'll learn beneficial business skills so you can run your practice efficiently without giving up the integrity of your professional work.

Mindset Management and Personal Development

You'll achieve a greater sense of security, confidence, and courage so you can share your gifts with those who need your help.

Intuition Validation and Energy Alignment

You'll trust your inner guidance even more for answers, and you'll energetically align passion, purpose, and prosperity.


How We Make a Difference


Are you frustrated and frazzled with the "back end" of your lightworker practice? Every business needs a solid foundation. With our popular business courses, workshops, and planners, we'll help you make the right business decisions in less time with less stress.

we help you get connected to your unique passion

Why is your inspired insight loud and clear for others but quiet and shy with your lightworker practice? We'll help you get connected and aligned with your Divine "Board of Directors" so you can get the answers and guidance you need to run your biz according to your individual energetic style.

we help you get creative with how you help your clients

Are you struggling to make someone else's program or system "fit"? We'll help you consult with Source to create amazing programs and services and the best ways to offer them so you can welcome your ideal clients and turn your lightworker practice lights ON!


We Use Our Experience to Create Yours

Ron D. Carlson, intuitive business coaching

Ron D. Carlson helped build the Space Shuttle, then he ran numerous entrepreneurial enterprises, taught graduate level at the university, and then became an executive with 100’s of employees and $100 million budget, all the while being a closet intuitive. The truth in all that lies in learning how to turn the lights ON in his businesses and himself. Now, Ron loves to help energy-aware business owners integrate their intuitive guidance with their spiritual business so they can turn their lights ON too.

Toni Cay Snyder, intuitive business coaching

Before becoming a sought-after spiritual life coach and energy practitioner, Toni Cay Snyder earned advanced degrees in architecture, engineering, and a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. She now assists her clients by uniquely combining her business and design experience with high-level intuitive guidance. Whether you're looking for a business mindset makeover, authentic marketing, or making friends with technology, Toni can help you transform your lightworker practice so you can keep shining your light.


What Our Clients Say

Helped Me Give Myself Permission

I never thought I had a business mind, and Ron and Lights On Business showed me that I do. My son, who works in business management, picked right up on my change in language. "You're talking like a business person, Mom, and you never did before. What happened?" I told him about Lights on Business and how unique and effective their approach is.

My son said, "I'm sorry you didn't find them earlier. The things you're saying now about what you're learning are exactly the skills the most competent people in business have that I work with."

Kathleen Wells Erickson

Shift Toward Optimism and Hope

I was struggling with having no clear-cut meaning or direction for my personal and professional lives.

After a couple of months of hard work on everyone's part, I began to feel hopeful and my life began to shift toward optimism and hope. Gaining insight into areas of my life made me very happy with my work with Ron.

The ability to see beyond today and believing in oneself and tomorrow are two reasons I would gladly recommend Ron and Lights On Business. And they are fun to work with.

Carole Ann Kaplan

Makes Life and Business Easier to Handle

Ron and Lights On Business are helping me to settle and find a pace. Everything is moving so fast that the pacing of things is actually part of the well-being. I feel more secure and stable inside, and it makes life and business easier to handle.

Beth Simpson

Helped Me Change and Manifest

When I started working with Ron and the LOB team, I truly started to grow and get the support that covered all areas of my life. Their program is completely different from anything else out there. The support covers all areas of life. It also includes energetic work, group, and individual coaching, and the work comes in a way that doesn’t feel hard but still pushes outside my comfort zone, and changes and growth start immediately. I learned how to manifest! A $75k gig, then a $40k one, then a $60k one, then other potential clients coming to me.

Kristin Bensch

the program

Your Path to Success

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We just ask that you first give us a chance to help you find the value you're looking for.

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