Client Finder Workshop -What if You Could Finally Find Lightworker Clients on Demand Without Dropping Your Prices?

Get Lightworker Clients Naturally

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Lightworker Client Finder Workshop

Using the 5-Minute Client Finder Tool

Feel Natural and Authentic - No Sleezy Marketing

Dropping Your Prices Is NOT the Answer!

What you will learn in the free workshop:

Secret #1: Many gurus are teaching "widget marketing" which doesn't work for Lightworker Businesses. You need manifesting messaging. Let me show you our exclusive Lightworker Market Research so that you are empowered to take useful action.

Secret #2: We use just 5 organic steps in our client journey. Beware of "systems" with 100's of steps that lead to burnout.  I'll show you where to start so that you avoid burnout in growing your business.

Secret #3: Learn our Exclusive 5-Minute Client Finder Tool. Learn where you to look for clients, all in 5 minutes or less! I'll give you the exact tool we use.

Let's get you some yummy clients! Sign-up for the workshop!