The Business Success Accelerator

Escape the Business Coaching Myths & Fairy Tale Traps

Build a Business that you love, 
and it loves you back!

You're the boss, the owner or owner. Its lonely at the top.  There is no one to share ideas with, no one to hold you accountable, no one to honestly assess what went wrong...

Until now.

No longer do you need to do it alone.

Our CEO/Owner Business Success Coaching puts YOU in the company of an experienced executive.

The KEY to advancing  your "Success Line" is to commit to challenging your notions of success and CEO/Owner Business Success Coaching is exactly the recipe to multiply your success.

When you are looking for business coaching, STOP letting these fairy tales hold you back.


The Business Success Accelerator

You've seen the ads for coaching. They are everywhere. Do this, buy that, here is the ONE and ONLY solution that works. Blah, blah blah.

So let's just start by dealing with the 5 myths of coaching so we can get them out of the way:

Stop Letting the Five Myths of Business Coaching Hold You Back

1) It's way too expensive

Not true. You can get qualified, experienced and proven business coaching by an experienced and successful professional starting at $300 right here at Lights On Business.

2) Any business person can be a business coach

You see ads for coaching everywhere. I don't blame people for seeking the freedom that successful coaching can bring. But, here's the question: Is any business person automatically qualified to be business coach? I see lot's of them trying to shift over into business coaching but they may not have any coaching, management and broad problem solving experience to bring to the table. Being a successful coach takes both coaching expertise and business experience. (Interesting that most of our clients renew their contracts with us because they find such value in what we offer.)

3) Only someone from your field can be a business coach for you. 

Really? Does just anyone who knows your product or service automatically become a great coach? Sure, there are people out there with tons of business experience offering coaching programs, but, do they understand the core processes involved in leading your business?

And can they apply that leadership process understanding to you and your business where you are now?

The question to ask is "Have they been where you are now"? Most haven't.

4) There is ONE, silver bullet solution that works for every business.

If a coach is offering just ONE approach, system or product, here's what I ask.  Would you go into a shoe store that only offered size 3 shoes and everyone was supposed to fit into that one size? Of course not! Shoes are not one-size fits all.

Great coaching isn't either. Think about it. Do you use the exact same solution on every client every time regardless of what they need? Of course not. You assess and provide what they actually need. Great business coaching practice isn't cookie-cutter.

Business coaching should be tailored to your needs and your business, not a forced fit into some guru's program.

5) You can start anywhere to accelerate your business and be successful.

This myth is the "just buy the latest, bright shiny object and you're on the road to success". Sorry, it's not true and so many gurus get this wrong!

Here's a question: if this were true, why is it so many entrepreneurs have tried various programs, systems and coaching programs with disappointing results?

The simple truth is, they started from the wrong place!

Read on to learn more about our Success Solution Business Coaching.

You started your business with a passion to offer a product or service with integrity and earn a living without feeling like the light is being sucked out, right?

At least that's what you had in mind.

The reality is that growing your business is a lot harder than you thought.

You try to show up, but it's not leading to clients the way you hoped.

You have a message and a mission, but many people don't seem to care.

Running your business too often gives you heartburn.

You try to wrap your head around another guru's "proven business strategy." Once again, they are telling you that you first must change what you offer and how you offer it. You need to use their method. But, that just hasn't worked for you.

How are you going to stay positive, consistent, and successful when it's just "too hard" and it "takes too much time"? 

What happened to finding the freedom of working for yourself and creating a business that you love (and a business that loves you back)?

You can, IF you start from the right place.


The Business Success Accelerator

You're not a cookie-cutter entrepreneur, and you don't deserve a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all coaching program. Here at Lights On Business, we don't do cookie-cutter.


Our 12-month group experience is created and tailored just for YOU, the entrepreneur, to provide the support, guidance, accountability, and flow you need to accelerate your business success.

This is perfect for you if you'd love to...
  • Find your efforts become more effective and satisfying.
  • Appreciate feedback and accountability to keep you moving at your pace. 
  • Find the support of an experienced business professional with you every step of the way.
  • Grow your business into one that loves you back instead of gives you heartburn.
The finer details of what you get during our year together...

Choose the Options that Work Best for You:

  • 1 or 2 Monthly Private Calls (45 minutes each)  for 1 Year (value up to $7,200)
  • Unlimited Express Calls (15 minutes), Yup, Unlimited Calls (value $1,500)
  • Recordings of your private calls so you can replay as often as you wish (value $350)
  • Ongoing accountability with session highlights and homework emailed to you (value $350)

Total Value up to $9,400

Accelerate Your Business Success Your Way at Your Pace

Pick the Payment Plan what Works Best for YOU!

One Year, Business Coaching Program, Your Way!


No commitment, Only Pay for Calls When You Want Them 

Bistro Coaching is Business Coaching in a relaxed, one-off style.

(This is the highest cost per call option though)

$300 / call

One full Call / month

Pay $300 Monthly

12 Month Commitment

Twelve Months of Coaching

1 45-minute call / month

Accountability & Replays

Unlimited Express Calls

$300 / Month

Ron D. Carlson, BSEE, MBA

As a management executive consulting with owners and CEO's of small to medium sized businesses as well as entrepreneurs, he knows first-hand the challenges faced by business owners in being successful today.

As an entrepreneur himself, he's "been there" and likely faced every challenge you face in leading your business into greater success.

Ron D. Carlson, intuitive business coaching
As a successful entrepreneur himself, he has experienced the seismic changes in business marketing and applies that into effective peer group mentoring.

As a seasoned leadership executive, he has extensive experience in developing leadership, structuring effective management, growing sales, building marketing channels, implementing inspired branding and systematically extending solid business finances.

At the core, he returns passion into the core of your business so that the goal of greater success again becomes the reality

He Has Been There....

In the corporate world, as a Chief Executive of a metropolitan hospital, as a Finance director with a $100 million budget, as an engineer working in aerospace on Space Shuttle and the Martian Viking spacecraft.

As an entrepreneur, as an internet business entrepreneur, as a graduate professor, as a radio weather broadcaster, as a small business owner, as a program developer and as a mentor.

He knows the systems needed from the business world to insure success. He knows exactly what it is like to be the CEO.  He knows how to bring your dream, your passion back  into your business so that you enjoy your work and you enjoy your life.


Boy Scouts - Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, Pro Deo et Patria

Rotary International

Board member of nonprofits

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days


If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us, and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

What Happy Clients Say

Shift Toward Optimism and Hope

I was struggling with having no clear-cut meaning or direction for my personal and professional lives.

After a couple of months of hard work on everyone's part, I began to feel hopeful and my life began to shift toward optimism and hope. Gaining insight into areas of my life made me very happy with my work with Ron.

The ability to see beyond today and believing in oneself and tomorrow are two reasons I would gladly recommend Ron and Lights On Business. And they are fun to work with.

Carole Ann Kaplan Owner

I Follow Your Plan Daily

My advice to other service souls about dealing with all the noise in the world:

I believe it requires utilizing the written words that your program helped me state when identifying my goals, my ethos, and my plan. It is so easy to lose focus in today’s world.

I want to be informed and to be a life-long learner, BUT, in order to integrate new information AND stay the course in my own endeavors, I use the plan I have written to set the frame. I do this daily. Sometimes more than once a day.

Light work still depends on our own integrity and authenticity. The noise can wear us down, make us question things but not necessarily in a good way. And, people who TELL us what to do rather than GUIDE and SUPPORT our own autonomy focus on all the wrong things in my opinion. Success is earned not bought. There IS a difference!

Kathleen Wells Erickson Owner

Helped Me Change and Manifest

Before I began working with Ron and the LOB team, I wasn’t sure where I was headed in any area of my life. Everything was falling apart, and I’d already invested thousands in other coaches and programs with no results but losing money.

First and foremost, the level of support and customizing to fit my needs, goals, and where I am from moment to moment, assisting with working through crisis and challenges that arise but in a way that never feels overwhelming or more than I could do.

When I started working with Ron and the LOB team, I truly started to grow and get the support that covered all areas of my life. Their program is completely different from anything else out there. The support covers all areas of life. It also includes energetic work, group, and individual coaching, and the work comes in a way that doesn’t feel hard but still pushes outside my comfort zone, and changes and growth start immediately. I learned how to manifest! A $75k gig, then a $40k one, then other potential clients coming to me.

There is not a more comprehensive program out there, nor the level of support, and customizable to you. This program truly offers you the support and tools to make the changes you desire and the ones you don’t see too!

Kristin Bensch Owner
Ron D. Carlson, intuitive business coaching

Ron D. Carlson

Ron helped build the Space Shuttle, then he ran numerous entrepreneurial enterprises, taught graduate level at the university, and became an executive with 100’s of employees and $100 million budget, all the while being a closet intuitive. The truth in all that lies in learning how to turn the lights ON in his businesses and himself. Now, Ron loves to help energy-aware business owners integrate their intuitive guidance with their spiritual business so they can turn their lights ON too.