Are You Making it Hard for New Clients to Find You Now?

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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Are You Hearing What Your Potential Clients are Saying They Need Now?

You may be making it toooo hard for new clients to find you now. Many of them are fed up with mass marketing. They can smell being “sold at” a mile away.

Especially now with the “Great Epiphany”, the seismic change this year where 1/4 of all workers quit their jobs.

And, get this, many quit because they lack fulfillment in what they were doing. They are looking for meaning instead of chaos.

Give them a map to find you, the real you. Show them that you and your practice honor what they are seeking.

“At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back.”

What they are seeking first even MORE than a solution to a problem is connecting to a person who is walking the walk, not just talking it. They want to connect to a person who knows what their journey can be and is doing it themselves.

They want a practitioner who is engaged with their own flame of genius and stands ready to share that inspiration with them. They want to feel that passion.

Then, then they will consider what you have to say about solving their need.

Take this Checklist for Meaningful Marketing During the Great Epiphany

1. Drop the “it’s all about winning dollars”, it’s not. Their first need is not for a six-figure income. They need to feel the real you.

2. What your potential clients are doing right now is looking and re-evaluating work that they do and how they solve problems. Are you speaking to helping people navigate that kind of change in their lives?

3. Are you making your connected integrity easy for them to see? Take a look at your website, social media presence, emails, live events and face-to-face encounters. Does it come across that you are here to help with problem-solving more than selling?

4. Do you offer solutions based on their finding greater meaning, purpose and fulfillment?

5. Inspiration leads over problems. Do you show that you love what you do?

6. Can you offer testimonials from clients who echo how you helped them?

7. Are you welcoming new clients whose needs may be different than you experienced last year?

These are what we’re all about at Lights On Business. We show entrepreneurs how to build a business that they love and it loves them back.

Ready? Schedule a F-R-E-E Clarity Call and we’ll talk about how you can grow during this time.

Ron D. Carlson

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