7 Myths About Motivation


7 Myths About Motivation

As business coaches, lightworkers and entrepreneurs ourselves, at Lights On Business, we often see various myths peddled about motivation. Here are 7 myths we often hear that don’t provide sound starting platforms for for a lightworker business let alone a full and successful life. Then, let’s talk about what’s missing.

Myth 1Fear is a good motivator. “Make this change or you will fail”. Think of a Dr. telling a patient they have six months to live unless they change their habits.  In fact, most don’t change in the face of fear, they go inert like deer in the headlights, frozen. (check out the books Change or Die and Moving Your Success Line)

Myth 2Motivation is a matter of sheer willpower. There are lot’s of people who have toiled over long periods of time and not reached their dream. Were they motivated? Yes. Was that sufficient? Apparently not.

Myth 3Motivation is a required ingredient. While motivation is powerful, it is not entirely necessary. Motivation makes it easier to take action, but you take plenty of actions without the presence of traditional motivation. Yes, without motivation, it’s also easy to procrastinate. Motivation is tricky.

Myth 4 You shouldn’t do it if you’re not motivated to do it. Do you think the best athletes in the world only train when they feel like it? Do you think bestselling authors only write when the urge strikes them? There are lot’s of people who do tasks at their business that they don’t particularly enjoy on their own. They still do them.

“At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back.”

Myth 5Money is a good motivator. Study after study shows that simply giving people raises at work does not change their attitude about work for long. They would actually rather feel more satisfaction.

Myth 6Visualizing success is sufficient. Let’s consider using vision boards and Law of Attraction users. Many report they got results far less than they hoped for. Some even got negative results. (We actually address the corrections needed for this in our Life Vision Course).

Myth 7 Motivation is always available.  Actually, motivation isn’t always on-tap. There are days you feel super motivated and some days you’d rather just quit. Everyone deals with this phenomenon.

So what is missing here?

What is the first, missing ingredient?


It all starts with passion. Passion can fuel a person to step outside their known comforts and placed themselves on a a Genius Journey. A journey toward becoming a successful Lightworker Leader offering their unique brilliance into themselves and into the world.

A journey of genius that Unlocks Their Flame of Genius.A person can spend their life waiting for the perfect circumstances and the perfect attitude. That’s likely a recipe for mediocrity.

Or, they can decide that life is meant for living fully and they deserve to have a business that they love and it loves them back.

This is what we do at Lights On Business. We show people how to awaken their passion and start their Genius Journey.  Watching the Flame of Genius Webinar gives a good introduction to the guru myths we expose and what does actually work. It’s free. Go watch it.