5 Online Methods to Boost Your Income Part 1

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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When it comes to living your best life financially, knowing when you need to bring in more money is smart. If you haven’t considered how much extra income you can bring in using online resources, now is your time to do so.Take a look at the following 5 strategies to earn extra income online. Perhaps you’ll get inspired and start a new income stream (or two) using your computer from home!

#1 ~ Complete Online Surveys

The internet is filled with websites where you can get paid for simply completing surveys. 
Before signing up at such websites, do a thorough investigation of the website and decide for yourself whether you can earn good, honest dough for completing questionnaires. 
Two reputable sites for completing online surveys and getting paid are uSamp and Survey Head.
 One way to determine the legitimacy of such survey sites is to notice how you’ll be paid. Those sites paying through PayPal (uSamp and Survey Head do) tend to be reputable. 

At any rate, consider spending an hour a day completing online surveys to get more money rolling in.

#2 ~ Write Articles

Submit articles at sites where you earn page view revenue and/or upfront payment for articles. Such sites can be gold mines for someone with writing skills, talent and gumption. 
Various websites such as Triond, Associated Content at Yahoo, Helium, Constant Content, and HubPages will pay you for your articles based on the page views they receive. 
Some of these sites also offer upfront payment for articles and opportunities to sell full rights to your writing products.
The internet world for writers is vast and varied. Regardless of the type of writing you do, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, or technical, you’ll be able to find a number of websites where you can sell your work.
The sites listed above also pay using PayPal and are reputable places to earn some cash. 
If you’ve been known to turn a phrase or two, navigate to these websites, open your free accounts, and write.

#3 ~ Write Ebooks and Sell Them Online

As the electronic books industry grows, so do websites where anyone can write and place their ebooks for sale. 
Amazon Kindle and Pubit (Barnes and Nobles’ ebook website) are just 2 of many reputable companies where you can submit and sell your e-books. 
However, be cautious and do your homework on any sites where you’re considering selling your ebooks. Some of them will charge you to post your ebooks for sale while others won’t. 
If you love to write and have lots of stories to tell or facts to share, you just might get a cottage industry going by writing and selling your e-books online.

#4 ~ Apply for Jobs at Online Sites

No matter what type of office work you do, you can most likely find a way to do it online. 
The number and array of websites offering jobs and projects for pay are virtually unlimited. 
Sites such as Elance and oDesk are considered reputable and will put you in touch with website owners who will pay you for completing projects. 
Be leery, however, of websites that charge you to join or gain access to job listings.

#5 ~ Translate Documents

If you’re bilingual, check out job sites looking for translators to translate documents from one language to another. Two of the job websites mentioned above, eLance and oDesk do offer opportunities to translate documents for pay. 
Also, TranslatorsCafe.com allows you to join and put your translation skills up for hire. At TranslatorsCafe, you can also browse available translation and interpreter jobs and apply for them.

Examine options to boost your income on the internet. Regardless of your training and education, if you can type and you own a computer with a net connection, you’ll surely discover some fascinating strategies for increasing your income online!

Ron D. Carlson

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