16 Million in the Revolving Door of Change, AGAIN! Are You Ready to Help?

Round and Round They Go... Are You Letting People Know You Have Help for Them?

Get this, almost 41 MILLION people left their jobs last year. Already, nearly HALF of them are, ready for this, looking for new jobs again! (1) That's about 16 million people of working age.

The Great Resignation continues as workers continue to seek work that rewards them more fully.

I don't think this is solely about money, do you?  I believe this runs much deeper to seeking fully satisfaction and alignment with values and not finding it. These are people who have SHOWN they are prepared to change and now, they seek to change again.

Whatever you offer as a lightworker, does your messaging let them know that YOU have a compass for that change for them?

Be it well being, deeper job satisfaction, less gnarly tech, less pain, clarity about business, improved life satisfaction, people are voting with their "feet" to try something new.

People are looking.

People are wanting change.

Are you ready for them to find you?

Show them you are.

Show them you have a compass.

Ron Carlson 

and the Lights On Business Team

(1) CNBC 4/11/2022 "The War for Talent Continues"

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